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Finding the right program that fits both your needs and budget isn't always a simple task; you need the right trainers and coaches for your employees.


Our workshops are cost-effective, ensure optimal results, and can be taken from anywhere. We use cutting edge Online conferencing tools and rich media (Videos, Audio pod-casts, and more) that can be used on any mobile device.

Sell Anywhere


Learn how to close deals abroad. In addition to our Application trainings, our programs include a set of cultural and foreign language workshops especially designed for business people.


Learn how to communicate with businesses in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and China. Expand your business and unlock the potential of overseas markets.

Our Difference


The concept is simple yet very different. We are a hybrid of a corporate trainer, an all-in-one international sales and marketing consultant. We understand what it takes for a limited budget business to market and sell its products and services to a larger audience, and grow!


In addition to our comprehensive trainings (designed for non-technical entrepreneurs) we provide you with complete Online business solutions (Website, CMS, Email Marketing, Payment Gateways, etc...), business consultations, 7/7 support, and more...

We train your sales force and help them sell to a worldwide audience.

100% Flexibility. 100% Satisfaction.


Our Workshops




Our SDR training program provides front-line sales managers with proven skills, knowledge and tools they need to drive bottom line performance. This in-depth program includes self-assessments and covers four critical sales management abilities: managing sales performance, sales coaching, recruiting and selecting sales rock stars and sales leadership.


  • Increase the number of meetings (with new leads) by implementing a behaviorally based performance management system
  • Learn how to prioritize management actions
  • Train your SDRs on how to efficiently use or other CRM tools
  • Develop the full potential of your SDR team by designing the perfect sales processes
  • Allocate coaching time based on ROI
  • Develop your SDR's global strategies for cold and warm calls
  • Develop your SDR's global strategies for emailing and following up
  • Build a team of great SDRs


In this workshop, sales professionals will learn how to generate buyer and seller leads Online without having to learn complicated tech programs. This sales workshop is designed to educate attendees on 3 key steps in the lead generation process. We go through them in depth so that you can come away from the workshop with an actionable strategy to create and convert more prospects in your business. Some of the strategies you can expect to learn on this workshop are:


  • Lead Generation – How to create a complete Online sales Funnel in less than one hour with zero technical skills.
  • Sales Processes – How to contact and close international leads from the internet without being to pushy or overtly aggressive.
  • Follow up – How to relentlessly follow up with In-bound Leads using text, email, and bi-weekly phone calls.


This training is for high producing real estate agents, mortgage loan officers and insurance agents. If you’re not in the real estate industry, this training is still valuable, you’ll simply need to apply the principles taught, over into your business model. My last webinar was watched over 25,000 times, make sure you get on early and secure your spot, so you can take part in the live Q&A.


As part of our ongoing commitment to education and skills development in B2B marketing, Multilingual has developed a range of marketing training and professional development offerings for marketing leaders and their teams as well as for individual marketers.


These include:


  • Skill Assessments
  • Multicultural Visual Communication
  • International Paid Advertising
  • Multilingual Search Engine Optimization
  • Storytelling


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